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Deep Cleaning vs. Routine Cleaning. What's the difference?

While many don't realize there are two types of cleanings, there is a big difference between them. To determine if you need a regular cleaning or a deep cleaning, you'll need to be evaluated by your dentist. 

When you need a deep cleaning

When was the last time you visited the dentist? If it's been 6 months or even over a year, there's a high probability you need to have your teeth deep cleaned.

A deep cleaning is needed when there is a larger amount of bacteria and tartar buildup. When “pockets” form due to gum disease, the bacteria and tarter fill these spots. When it’s not removed, it opens the door to a number of oral health complications, such as periodontal disease and eventual tooth loss.

Due to the extensiveness, this treatment can take more than one appointment.

Those getting a deep cleaning should expect more post-treatment pain and sensitivity than in a regular cleaning. For at least the first 24-hours, we advise over-the-counter pain medication, soft foods, and rinsing your mouth with saltwater periodically.

If you have periodontal disease, a deep cleaning can actually help reverse the progression of the disease. In fact, many see results within 3 months of having this treatment.

When you need a routine cleaning

Getting a routine cleaning twice a year will help you avoid deep cleanings. Also, it's an opportunity to detect tooth decay early, which can save you time, money, and your teeth!

The goal in these treatments is simply to maintain the general cleanliness of your teeth. To do this, dentists eliminate plaque and calculus that build up under the gum line.

Regardless of how great your at-home oral hygiene routine is, your teeth will still collect plaque and tartar over time. This is precisely why routine cleanings every six months are important. 

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