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May Is Save Your Tooth Month!

may is save your tooth month

This month, we are taking part in Save Your Tooth Month to celebrate the national effort of saving natural teeth. We would like to recognize "savers" and remind our patients of the importance of natural teeth and how it affects our overall health.

Missing teeth can cause the others to shift and move. Healthy, natural teeth allow you to bite and chew, but they also help retain bone structure. Our goal is to stop tooth decay as early as possible by disinfecting and filling cavities. If not, the decay will spread through the teeth to the nerve (pulp) tissue following passageways known as root canals. The chances of saving the tooth during this are extremely low. Decay this advanced requires a root canal. A root canal procedure can vary depending on the type of tooth.

As an expert dental clinic, we deliver the care you can trust. Our dental providers' commitment, expertise, and dedication are second to none.

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