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November Marks National Diabetes Awareness Month

november is national diabetes month

The need to spread awareness for this month helps to remind us that we need to take care of our dental health. Diabetes affects the overall health of the mouth, along with our teeth and gums.

When Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes is left uncontrolled, it can result in gum disease. Some early signs are gums that bleed easily, puffy or swollen gums, or gums that have pulled away from the teeth. The disease can lead to loss of bone that holds the teeth in place if left untreated.

Diabetics have higher blood sugar levels in their bodies, and they often weaken white blood cells production that prevents the mouth from fighting bacterial infections. The bacteria in our mouths feed off the sugar that is digested from our food, allowing them to grow until plaque forms on our teeth.

Another problem is thrush (oral candidiasis). Trush is a fungal infection that appears in individuals with diabetes. It causes white or red patches in the mouth that may be sore or may become ulcers. It may also cause a painful, burning sensation on your tongue.

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We at Cal Select Dental Group are aware that oral health is a critical part of your overall health, and we want to give you the best care possible. If you're a diabetic and experiencing health issues, book your appointment at or call us today to get your oral health back on track!

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