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What is a filling?

faq friday what is a filling

A dental filling replaces a tooth structure that has decayed, also known as a dental restoration. The best part about fillings is that they can last for many years. However, patients don't know that there is a certain period that they need replacement. Constant eating and drinking can make teeth clench, grind, and may cause a filling to fail.

Fillings can repair cracked or broken teeth. Also, dental fillings can treat teeth that have been worn down from grinding or nail-biting. Bacteria can commonly be found in saliva and dental plaque. Bacteria can also cause tooth decay and cannot be removed easily with a toothbrush. 

The material of dental fillings could be:

To treat a cavity, your dentist will remove the decayed portion of the tooth and "fill" in the area where the decayed material once was. If you choose to move forwards with fillings, be sure to schedule your regular dental visits, floss, and brush twice a day.

Talk to your dentist to determine what the best solution is for you. Don't wait, because early detection can prevent the need for extensive treatment and costs. Book an appointment at Cal Select Dental Group today!

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