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Expert childhood dental care provides lifelong benefits. Han Kim, DDS, at Cal Select Dental Group in San Bernardino, Hesperia, and Riverside California, is proud to offer pediatrics services. The team provides in-depth cleanings and exams for children of all ages. Routine dental care helps detect concerns early on. If your child has tooth trouble, Cal Select Dental Group delivers the treatment they need. Don't put off your child's next dental visit. Call Cal Select Dental Group or schedule an appointment online.

Pediatrics Q & A

Why is dental care so critical for children?

During childhood and adolescence, your child's mouth changes rapidly. Your child's teeth erupt during infancy. These baby teeth fall out between the ages of 6-12. By the time your child is a teenager, they usually have all of their adult teeth. But even adult teeth can shift as your child grows.

As childhood dental changes occur, problems can appear without warning. The practitioners at Cal Select Dental Group watch your child's teeth closely. They offer regular checkups to spot dental problems early.

Dental visits are a valuable opportunity for your child to learn about oral hygiene. During each visit, practitioners explain how to care for teeth and gums. Regular dental visits help your child learn healthy dental habits. Your practitioner teaches skills that can last for a lifetime.

When should my child start seeing a dentist?

The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends dental exams soon after the first tooth erupts. All children should start receiving regular dental exams by age 1.

Many parents believe that early dental visits aren't important. But your child needs dental care as soon as the first teeth appear. Don't ignore dental problems that affect your child's baby teeth.

Your child will eventually lose their baby teeth. But it's best to keep these teeth in place until they fall out naturally. Protecting your child's baby teeth helps prevent dental problems in adulthood.

What happens during my child’s dental visit?

During an office visit, your practitioner examines your child's teeth and gums. Some children are nervous about seeing a dentist. Cal Select Dental Group reassures your child and sets them at ease.

Your practitioner asks questions about your child's development and oral hygiene. They can offer guidance on important topics like weaning, diet, and pacifier use. Your provider also explains how to brush and floss at home.

As your child gets older, they receive more in-depth care. Your practitioner may perform dental cleanings or X-rays. You can also speak to your practitioner about orthodontics and teeth whitening.

Cal Select Dental Group offers sealants to help children avoid cavities. Sealants are a liquid coating applied to the surface of the teeth. This coating helps keep bacteria from entering the crevices of your child's teeth.

What happens if my child needs further care?

Sometimes, your practitioner may spot a dental problem that needs further care. Cal Select Dental Group provides follow-up treatments for cavities and tooth decay.

The practice also evaluates your child for orthodontic concerns. If your child has crooked teeth or jaw misalignment, they may need further care. Your practitioner determines whether your child needs to see an orthodontist.

Let Cal Select Dental Group protect your child's oral health. Call the office today or schedule an appointment online.