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Tooth Extractions

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Tooth extractions don’t have to be painful or frightening. Cal Select Dental Group in San Bernardino, Hesperia, and Riverside California, offers easy, gentle extractions. Han Kim, DDS, uses anesthetics to ensure a pain-free procedure. After an extraction, Cal Select Dental Group delivers in-depth care. They schedule follow-up appointments to make sure you're healing well. The practice also offers long-lasting replacement teeth, including bridges. If you're considering tooth extraction, you need expert care. Call the office today or schedule an appointment online.

Tooth Extractions Q & A

What is tooth extraction?

During a tooth extraction, your practitioner pulls your tooth. Most people can avoid tooth extractions through proper oral hygiene. Routine exams and cleanings can help, too. But if you have a severe dental problem, an extraction may be your best option.

Cal Select Dental Group provides in-depth evaluations to determine the best treatment. Your practitioner examines your mouth carefully before removing a tooth. In some cases, you may be able to preserve your tooth through other treatments.

Why are teeth extracted?

Sometimes, your jaw simply isn't big enough to fit all your teeth. If you have severe crowding, an extraction can free up space in your mouth. Many teens and adults have their wisdom teeth removed to reduce crowding.

You might also need an extraction if you have severe tooth decay or a stubborn infection. Teeth that were damaged during an accident might also need to be removed.

At Cal Select Dental Group, your practitioner aims to preserve your natural teeth. But if there is a severe dental concern, an extraction may be unavoidable.

What happens during a tooth extraction?

Many people are nervous about getting a tooth pulled. But modern dental techniques have made extractions virtually painless. Before your extraction begins, your practitioner gives you an anesthetic to numb the tooth. You may also receive medication to help you relax.

Your practitioner uses instruments to loosen the tooth and remove it. In some cases, your provider may need to cut away part of the gum. If your provider has to cut the gum, they may place stitches to help your gum heal.

Most patients recover quickly after extraction. But you may need to alter your diet or your oral hygiene habits for a while. Your practitioner can provide more details about at-home care.

Cal Select Dental Group schedules follow-up visits to make sure you're healing well. During these visits, your practitioner can also review possible replacement teeth. The practice offers several options, including bridges.

How can I preserve my natural teeth?

Good oral hygiene can help prevent tooth decay and infections. Children and adults should brush and floss twice a day. You may also need to use mouthwash or other special products. Your practitioner can help you develop a detailed oral hygiene routine.

Make sure to keep up with your scheduled dental visits. Routine exams and cleanings allow your practitioner to detect problems early on, and early intervention can help you avoid an extraction.

Do you have stubborn tooth pain? Let Cal Select Dental Group help you review your options. Call the office today or schedule an appointment online.