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Cal Select took over the Route 66 Car Show!

rendezvous back to route 66

The 8th Annual Rendezvous Back to Route 66 took place Saturday, October 2nd, in Downtown San Bernardino, California. This event consisted of the celebration for classic cars, and there were over 35,000 attendees!

Route 66 allowed Cal Select Dental Group to speak one on one with the community about the importance of dental health and hygiene. We emphasized the services we provide and relayed our three locations within Southern California. Numerous individuals were thrilled to hear that we are local in San Bernardino, Riverside, and Hesperia.

We informed everyone who stopped by our booth about insurance benefits and answered many questions about Denti-Cal. The team explained how it applies to various treatments that patients require completing. Many people expressed that their dental offices have stayed closed since last year and have searched for a new location that accepts Medi-Cal and IEHP. They were excited to hear that we are open and can provide them with a healthy smile.

The team handed out over 200 toothbrush kits and business cards. These outreach materials were the perfect source of referral for any future appointments. We also booked several first-time consultations for our three clinics and welcomed our new patients to Cal Select Dental Group.

It was an excellent experience to spread the word to everyone at the Route 66 Car Show. We are thankful we had our booth and can't wait for the next tabling event!

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