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Should I take antibiotics before my dental treatment?

faq friday should i take antibiotics before my dental treatment

Are you preparing for a dental procedure and unsure if you should take any antibiotics? You may be wondering what they are and what their use for them is.

Antibiotics are to treat infections or certain diseases. They attack the bacteria in your body that ultimately eliminates and prevents them from multiplying. The usual occasion for antibiotics applies in cases of periodontal disease (gum infection). Tooth extractions, root canal therapy, or deep cleaning of the gums are all procedures that are applied. Antibiotics may also be used as a pre-medication to prevent an infection.

The American Heart Association (AHA) only recommends patients with a high risk of bacterial infection, and a history of cardiac conditions take antibiotics for any dental procedures. For these patients, tooth extractions or root canals can allow bacteria into the bloodstream. For most patients, it isn't necessary to take preventative antibiotics.

While in most cases, antibodies can be completely safe. Some patient's bodies can adapt to the medication over time and ultimately become ineffective. On the other end of the spectrum, if the medication were to be taken too frequently, the side effect can intensify.

Some side effects to antibodies can include:

Your dentist will assess your overall and oral health before advising if you need an antibiotic treatment before any surgical procedure. If you have a heart condition, please communicate with your cardiologist and your Cal Select Dental Group dentist on their recommendation and what best suits you.

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